15 Developer Marathon

The Developer Marathon

Jakarta – The Devathon (Developers Marathon) event was held with a total of 15 participants. From morning to night, for 9 hours, the participants were required to concentrate on giving birth to interesting applications to become champions.

The backgrounds of participants who participated in this event varied. Sony for example, an IT worker wants to try their luck by following Devathon. Including while hoping to bring home the promised prize if it becomes a champion. Sony itself plans to make the Golf Community application.

According to Ikin Wirawan, CEO of Walden Global Service, a local application development company from Bandung, which 90% of its customers come from abroad, the success of local developers is influenced by three things:

  • Having programming skills.
  • young age. Because the process of making applications is very time-consuming and energy-intensive plus focus. Those who are still young are able to do it all.
  • Public cloud service.

“With the public cloud, server costs are getting cheaper. This will make it easier to create local start-up companies,” Ikin said.

“There are no expensive server maintenance costs. Including server security maintenance costs that are already included in it. Everything will be an extraordinary cut cost. This public cloud will make local start-ups become a longer breath while waiting for investors,” he continued.

Devathon is a contest for developers who are challenged to build an application, deploy the application on the Osmium cloud, and then present it to the judges within 9 hours.

Participants are also allowed to bring applications that have been made before, but are required to use the tools & services provided Osmium cloud, and of course will be subject to special assessments.

The type and purpose of the application are not limited, as long as it is technically cloud-able. Of course basic knowledge of cloud will greatly help the participants to be able to take part in this competition.

Judges’ evaluation in finding Devathon winners is based more on the benefits of the application built. The judging element is based on the functionality and business value of the application, as well as on maximizing the use of development tools available on Osmium cloud.

Every application that is included in the competition for a total prize of USD 3,000 has the opportunity to be able to establish business partnerships with various companies.

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