Mulai Pte. Ltd. born…

The First Step.

Born from a project of Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) Assignment Project, a student called Tommy Hartono partners with his lecturer called Mr Jackson, a visioner on Technology of Singapore. Mulai Pte. Ltd. was born on 27th March 2012.

At first it was known as World Wide Trade Management Pte. Ltd., a company focuses on linking trading activities between Indonesia and the World.

The name then updated to Tommy Peterson International Pte. Ltd., as a new partnership with Coach Peter Lee, a Fitness Enthusiast and Business Expert.

The name was lastly changed to Mulai Pte. Ltd. as a new partner from Indonesia hop in, named Vinge Esther. She was one of the greatest role model of Indonesian Female figure who fights her way towards the top in Singapore.

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