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First Step in Indonesia

After winning the competition with just known competition partner named Adam Alfiansyah, our founder (Tommy Hartono) invited Adam and his uncle (Madan Mariani, a representative of Israel based VSat Company) to open a company based in Indonesia. It was later named PT Pelopor Ide Kreatif. A create agency created on the purpose to develop creativity in Technology for Indonesia Businesses.

PT Pelopor Ide Kreatif Logo

PT Pelopor Ide Kreatif is the first step of Mulai Pte. Ltd. coming to one of South East Asia countries, Indonesia. A South East Asia country that have the most population and variety of cultures.

One of the great exploration begins…

PT Pelopor Ide Kreatif found on 17th June 2013. One of the greatest steps done by our founder in Indonesia.

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